• Increase productivity or injectivity in depleted, plugged, or marginal wells
  • Maximize efficiency of stimulated completions
  • Increase well connectivity in new completions

  • Perforation breakdowns to increase injection rates and minimize tortuosity
  • Wells with extensive near-wellbore damage
  • Wells with close water-oil contact where hydraulic fracturing is not possible



Improve formation penetration and connectivity to the wellbore with the TerraPERM™ propellant-enhanced completion service from Baker Hughes. By opening new access to the formation, the TerraPERM service helps optimize your completion and increase your production rates.


Proven perforation solutions

Part of the Baker Hughes TerraConnect engineered perforating solutions, the TerraPERM service deploys tools from the StimGun™ propellant-assisted perforating system to dynamically clean and stimulate your near-wellbore area. Various tools are available to give you maximum stimulation design flexibility for a range of well configurations.

  • The StimGun assembly incorporates a sleeve of special propellant material placed over the perforating gun. When detonated, this design provides greater connectivity to the wellbore than with perforation tunnels alone.
  • The KODIAK enhanced perforating system is designed with propellant pucks placed internally within the perforating gun. This design enhances fracture propagation into the reservoir, effectively combining perforating and well stimulation in a single operation.
  • The StimTube assembly includes a specially designed propellant stick that burns quickly. This design is optimal for remedial and through-tubing operations.

Each of these propellant assemblies can be deployed via wireline, slickline, tubing, drill pipe, or coiled tubing to give you the greatest flexibility depending on your well conditions.

When the propellant in each of these assemblies ignites, it creates a burst of high-pressure gas that strikes the formation wall. The force of impact is sufficient to open up the perforations and generate new near-wellbore fractures.

Optimize your perforation job by combining the TerraPERM service with pre-job design analysis from our PulsFrac™ modeling software. The software’s analysis results define critical parameters for your job, including propellant quantity, fluid-level requirements, pressure magnitude, and duration. It also provides your expected perforation tunnel cleanup, breakdown, and fracture results.

And after the job, the TerraPERM service analyzes the collected high-speed pressure data to verify pre-job models and improve the design of future jobs.

Contact us to learn how the TerraPERM propellant-enhanced completion service can boost your production through improved wellbore connectivity.

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