Enhance your downhole monitoring capabilities with SureVIEW™ Fiber-Optic Well Monitoring systems from Baker Hughes. SureVIEW systems enable you to remotely monitor your wells, reliably and in real time, with a suite of intelligent downhole tools. In combination with our high-performance analytical software, the systems give you tailored solutions to optimize production and minimize future interventions.

SureVIEW Fiber-Optic Well Monitoring systems offer a variety of technologies to help you monitor your wells and maximize your assets, while lowering operating costs and risks.

  • Distributed fiber-optic sensing, including both distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS), which provides thermal and acoustic profiles of the full wellbore to optimize your gas lift, stimulation, and production operations
  • Pressure/temperature (P/T) gauges, which monitor downhole pressures and temperatures for ESP and production monitoring and sub-cool optimization
  • Real-time well integrity monitoring, including geophysical monitoring for compaction and formation strains, and early detection and localization of casing damage or buckling
  • Visualization software, which simplifies your downhole optical data through an intuitive user interface that lets you configure downhole monitoring devices, collect and aggregate data, perform calculations, generate diagnostics, and visualize data onsite
  • A full range of cables, splices, downhole carriers, and connection systems, including the SureCONNECT™ Downhole Intelligent Wet-Mate system, the industry’s first downhole optical wet-connect installation system

These technologies can be installed temporarily through coiled tubing or wireline, or permanently by clamping to tubing or casing.

Use the SureVIEW Optical Well Monitoring system to continuously monitor a range of critical downhole parameters.

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SureVIEW optical well monitoring