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  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Horizontal wellbores
  • Tight formations



Our FracConnect™ unconventional perforating system uses a unique perforation pattern to improve treatments and overall drainage for better production and recovery potential in unconventional wells.


Change the way you perforate

Conventional perforating guns create long, spiral-patterned perforations that leave the formation undertreated because fluid and proppant tend to flow and settle below the wellbore. Multiple spiral perforations also create competing fractures near the well that impede proppant and fluid penetration during treatment.


Enhance fracture treatments for better production and recovery potential

Our FracConnect well perforating gun has an 18-in. (45.7-cm) body that houses three shaped charges positioned to fire above and to each side of the wellbore—encouraging fluids and proppant to flow up and out into the formation in horizontal applications. This perforation geometry creates a fountain-like treatment for more effective proppant dispersion and placement, increasing reservoir contact and improving hydrocarbon drainage. This design also focuses treatment pressures to maximize fracture length and reach, while reducing competing fractures near the wellbore. This enables better proppant and fluid penetration in the formation, reduces pressure drops near the wellbore, and minimizes choking during flow back.


Improve operational efficiency, reduce cost

The shorter gun length, decreased number of shaped charges, and simplified handling at the surface allows greater operational efficiency, and reduces health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks. The FracConnect perforating gun enables you reduce costs and operate more efficiently.


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