Our debris management products reduce total debris generated and make remaining debris easily treatable. We accomplish this without compromising perforating system performance or the resulting completion.


Reduce wellbore problems with our PERFFORM low-debris system

Our PERFFORM low-debris system combines our pioneering low-debris technology with premium perforating systems. It uses an acid-soluble charge case and carrot-free liner to reduce perforation debris to a fine zinc powder. This powder easily flows back during cleanup or dissolves during the post-perforating stimulation process using a hydrochloric acid (HCl) wash. This virtually eliminates the probability of plugged perforations or other wellbore problems.


Significantly reduce debris with eXtreme low debris perforating system

The eXtreme Low Debris™ (XLD™) perforating system uses a proprietary design that traps debris in the gun at the time of detonation, preventing debris from leaving the gun body. In a typical perforating system, a significant amount of debris exits the gun body at detonation. Our XLD system offers a substantial improvement over perforating systems that slide closed after detonation has occurred.

Our XLD system does not degrade shaped-charge performance. In some cases, the system actually enhances performance. The XLD system reduces debris volume by 92% compared with steel. This impressive debris reduction keeps wellbores cleaner and significantly decreases debris-related issues and their adverse effects on production.

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