Collect the pressure data and fluid samples you need from your high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) reservoirs with the Reservoir Characterization eXplorer™ (RCX™) service from Baker Hughes. The RCX service gives you critical information to optimize your reservoir development strategies—in environments where conventional logging tools fail.

Our RCX formation testing and sampling service is rated to run for 20 hours at up to 27,000 psi (186 MPa) and 375°F (191°C). The service tool’s titanium construction ensures hydrogen sulfide (H2S) integrity in collected samples, even at low concentrations.

With the RCX service, you can reliably acquire the largest single-phase volume samples in one run, allowing for comprehensive fluid analysis while reducing your time in hole. The service also offers repeatable, accurate pressure readings, even under extreme overbalance conditions.

Use the insights from the RCX service to more accurately:

  • Determine your asset’s commercial value
  • Develop a recovery strategy
  • Make more informed production facility decisions

And because it provides data for real-time job monitoring, the RCX service lets you make faster operational decisions and report testing results with greater speed and accuracy.

Contact us today to learn how the RCX service can improve the characterization of your HP/HT reservoirs.

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