• Ensure a secure, retrievable pressure barrier
  • Save time by eliminating multiple trips
  • Eliminate plugging risks while minimizing casing damage

  • Temporary isolation applications
  • Temporary abandonment requirements
  • Formation fracturing, acidizing, and testing



Retrievable bridge plugs from Baker Hughes are ideal for many types of pressure-pumping and well abandonment operations where a secure, retrievable pressure barrier is essential. These versatile tools offer flexible, cost-saving deployment options that eliminate the need for multiple trips.


Choose from wide-ranging temporary isolation options

Select from a range of proven bridge plugs that offer safe and reliable operation while minimizing plugging risks and casing damage.

  • The Model G™ bridge plugis run alone for temporary isolation applications and provides accurate setting while lowering deployment costs. The plug’s bilateral slip design handles pressure reversals and allows equalization prior to release. This feature allows well pressure to balance, which eliminates risks associated with releasing a bridge plug in unbalanced well conditions. The Model G’s unique retrieving head allows cleanup of well debris above the bridge plug before equalizing and unsetting, which saves the costs of additional trips.
  • Our Model GT™ retrievable bridge plugmeets temporary abandonment requirements in offshore template drilling. It can be positively tested from above and below. Well control can be maintained through tubing or drillpipe while equalizing pressure from below the plug.
  • The Model GTV LOK-SET™ retrievable bridge plugis the first retrievable bridge plug that can be positively tested from above and below. Well control can be maintained through the tubing while equalizing pressure from below the plug. Opposed dovetail slips prevent movement in either direction and minimize casing damage, and releasable lock segments hold the tool in the set or unset position. Drilling and complete removal of hard fill is possible with a retrieving head before equalizing and retrieving, which eliminates additional cleanout trips. A booster sleeve helps maintain element packoff during pressure reversals, which provides greater reliability.
  • Our Model WG™ retrievable bridge plugprovides greater speed and accuracy for wireline conveyance while setting and retrieving in a live well environment. Typical applications include formation fracturing, acidizing, and testing. The Model WG retrievable bridge plug incorporates proven technology from the Model G LOK-SETretrievable bridge plug. The proven triple packing element system withstands multiple pressure reversals. It is retrieved with the Model MWG retrieving head on drillpipe, threaded tubing, coiled tubing, or wireline.
  • The wireline set retrievable bridge plugprovides a safe and economical method to temporarily abandon well production when the speed and accuracy of wireline setting are desired while setting and retrieving under pressure. Wireline setting eliminates snubbing tubing or killing the well with heavy fluids. It can be used for zone isolation, formation fracturing, acidizing, and surface equipment repair.
  • Our Model C™ retrievable bridge plugis used for acidizing, formation fracturing, and temporary pressure containment. It uses differential pressure from above or below to achieve and maintain packoff of the elements. Once the plug has been run to the desired depth and released, it sets automatically and seals against pressure differential from either direction.

Contact us today to learn how retrievable bridge plugs from Baker Hughes can optimize your well intervention operations.

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