• Improve drilling efficiency in low WOB applications with high-performance cutting structure
  • Reduce bearing wear and extend bearing life with precision design and synthetic grease
  • Get increased durability and performance with motor hardfacing

  • Bridge plug drillouts and Fracturing ball and sleeve system drillouts
  • Motor, rotary, and directional drilling
  • Coiled tubing applications



Ensure a cleaner, more reliable drillout operation with the Vanguard™ plug drillout bit from Baker Hughes. Designed to do more than simply drill through composite bridge plugs (CBPs), the roller cone drill bit’s unique cutting structure uses a higher tooth count and self-sharpening teeth to tackle the specific challenges of plug drillouts.


Drill out faster and farther with design advances

The Vanguard plug drillout bit’s cutting structure directs the limited available weight on bit (WOB) to crush cast iron and tungsten carbide CBPs into smaller cuttings. As a result, production flows more smoothly and cleanly with less debris.

Compared to traditional mill-type bits, the Vanguard plug drillout bit drills with lower torque spikes, which protects the bottomhole assembly (BHA) from motor stalls. The bit also drills faster and through more plugs per bit than competing roller cone products, saving bit trips over time.

A slimhole bit ranging in size between 4 1⁄8 in. to 4 5⁄8 in., the Vanguard plug drillout bit is especially effective in low WOB runs and can be run at rotation speeds ranging between 80 to 350 rpm.

Contact us today to learn how the Vanguard plug drillout bit can support cleaner operations and save bit trips in your drillout operations.

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