• Predicts remaining safe working life of coiled tubing trips or cycles
  • Displays incremental fatigue during a job
  • Extends coiled tubing life to reduce costs

  • Eliminates pressure cycling fatigue incidents
  • Provides reliable job performance and ongoing quality control



Get an accurate, onsite assessment of the integrity of your entire coiled tubing string with the CYCLE™ pipe management software from Baker Hughes.


Get constant operations updates for improved fatigue prediction

Use the software to accurately manage and assess the life span of coiled tubing strings based on fatigue, ballooning, and corrosion. Your coiled tubing’s entire operational activity and maintenance history are recorded in a string file and constantly updated to prevent fatigue-related pipe failures.

In predicting the fatigue of a string, CYCLE software tracks:

  • Jobs completed
  • Job types
  • The effect of sour environments
  • The movement of the string during the job
  • The internal pressure during the string movement
  • The fluids and abrasives in the string
  • The flow rate of fluids in the string
  • The effects of shipping, cutting, storage, and maintenance activities

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to confidently determine the number of cycles, ballooning, wall-thickness, corrosion, damage, and fatigue along the string.


Put predictive power in the cab

The CIRCA software calculations are fed directly into CIRCA™ Real-Time (RT) software to track pipe fatigue in the operator’s cab during coiled tubing operations.

Rely on our extensive testing and decades of field data, which are used to build and update the CIRCA software algorithms for highest accuracy. The software also incorporates fatigue test data supplied by manufacturers.

The result? A mature software set that enhances coiled tubing operations and reduces risks to your personnel and equipment.

Contact us today to learn how the CYCLE CT fatigue life management software can help you manage pipe fatigue.

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