• Remove tramp amines to reduce overhead corrosion issues
  • Remove metals to allow continued production of higher value coke and heavy fuel oils
  • Efficiently destabilizes desalter emulsions to let you process lower cost opportunity crudes

  • Refinery processes
  • Crude oil desalting



EXCALIBUR™ contaminant removal additives from Baker Hughes offer proven metal and tramp amine removal capabilities in your crude oil desalting processes. Our additives help you optimize your desalter operations while giving you greater flexibility to process higher value coke and heavy fuel oils and other lower cost opportunity crudes.


Ensure effective metal removal

The EXCALIBUR7550 additive removes metals such as calcium and iron from your crude oils in the crude oil desalting process. This highly effective metals complexing agent will allow you to process crude oils that are high in calcium naphthenate and inorganic iron content—with minimal impact on crude or downstream unit operations, performance, or product quality.

The additive’s proven metals removal capabilities minimize catalyst deactivation in your crude unit residual streams—while allowing for continued production of higher value coke and heavy fuel oils.


Proven tramp amine removal

The EXCALIBUR™ 7760 additive helps reduce overhead amine contamination by lowering the pH of the wash water to achieve an effluent pH below 6. As the pH is reduced, more amine will remain in the water phase, resulting in less amine in downstream units, most notably the crude unit overhead.

Depending on the pH and the amine present, this additive allows you to process crude oils that are high in tramp amines, especially shale oils. It is designed to lower amine levels to minimize downstream corrosion and fouling in your crude unit overheads, without the risk of scaling due to salt precipitation. You can confidently use EXCALIBUR 7760 in conjunction with any desalting program, with minimal impact on your other crude or downstream unit operations.

EXCALIBUR additives efficiently destabilize desalter emulsions, which helps you:

  • Maintain optimal desalter operations
  • Process lower cost opportunity crude oils
  • Reduce or eliminate oil undercarry in the brine

Each EXCALIBUR product is formulated with a corrosion inhibitor to help reduce corrosion in your chemical feed and injection lines. And, the low toxicity of EXCALIBUR products helps maintain optimal operation of your wastewater treatment plant.

Contact us to learn how EXCALIBUR contaminant removal additives can optimize your desalter operations.

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