• Cut windows without pulling existing completion or production tubing
  • Set whipstock in one trip on wireline or coiled tubing
Other Benefits

  • Get efficient window cutting with diamond speed mill technology



The coiled tubing-set monobore whipstock from Baker Hughes efficiently mills a window exit in your completion or production tubing, liner, or casing—without the expense of a costly workover rig.

The anchor mechanism is an integral part of this whipstock system, thus reducing the number of trips required to complete your window.

The whipstock can be set with either the Baker Hughes E-4™ wireline pressure setting tool or a J™ hydraulic setting tool. When using E-Line, the whipstock is oriented with eccentric weight bars. When run in on coiled tubing, the whipstock can be oriented using an MWD or gyro survey.

Once the anchor assembly is set, the window is milled using a coiled tubing workstring, mud motor, watermelon mill, and diamond speed mill.

Contact us to learn how our coiled tubing-set monobore whipstocks can optimize your window milling operations.

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