SureVIEW™ Coil DAS and DTS services from Baker Hughes provide real-time well monitoring applied with advanced analytical algorithms to supply you with critical data to manage downhole operations. Our turnkey fiber optic monitoring systems help you understand and optimize reservoir performance and can be deployed temporarily or permanently to suit your application needs.


Obtain critical downhole data with confidence

SureVIEW™ Coil Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) interrogator enables you to ‘listen’ to your whole well in real time, through permanently or temporarily installed fiber optic sensors. The interrogator obtains raw data generated by acoustic monitoring and streamlines the information into smaller and more manageable data formats, helping you optimize reservoir performance.

Critical data is managed and interpreted in real time, which you can use to optimize production, injection, and sub cooling while also detecting sand in your produced fluid flow.

SureVIEW™ Coil Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) enhances your multi-well performance monitoring through a coiled tubing-enabled optical fiber that measures real-time temperature behavior due to fluid flow.  With SureVIEW Coil DTS, you get critical insights along the entire length of the completion.

Use the real-time data from SureVIEW Coil DTS to accurately establish where acid reactions are occurring to optimize your stimulation and your production potential. SureView Coil DTS can also be implemented in production optimization and injection optimization operations.

Work with our application specialists to deploy the right fiber optic monitoring solution for your wells, which also includes subsurface equipment, wellsite interrogation, remote visualization, and analytics.

Our proven SureVIEW Coil services help you improve recovery rates and optimize stimulation stage effectiveness, all while minimizing your field footprint and reducing job time.

Contact us today to learn how SureVIEW Coil DTS and DAS services can optimize your stimulation and production operations.


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SureVIEW DTS and DAS services