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  • Enhance quality assurance with real-time monitoring of fluids, polymer rate, temperature, and viscosity
  • Enhance fracturing-fluid system performance
  • Reduce environmental footprint

  • Conventional hydraulic fracturing operations
  • Unconventional hydraulic fracturing operations



As your hydraulic fracture treatments become more costly and complicated, count on the Baker Hughes Dry-on-the-Fly™ (DOTF) hydration system to complete your fractures more efficiently.

The DOTF system automates the hydration of dry polymer powder base gels at the wellsite—bringing more reliability and accuracy to your continuous mix hydraulic fracturing operations. The system is the only hydration unit that can effectively hydrate both standard dry polymers and shear-sensitive polymers using the same piece of equipment.


Optimize your fluid blending while minimizing your environmental risks

The system pumps dry gel polymers, like the environmentally conscious SmartCare™ line of chemical products, without the need for mineral oils. By eliminating hydrocarbon-based fluids from your fracturing treatments, you’re assured a reduced environmental footprint and limited HSE exposure.

The DOTF unit, which provides necessary mixing shear and hydration tank volume to ensure complete hydration of the polymer before delivery to the blender, consists of:

  • Two dry-gel metering tanks, capable of holding 3,000 lbm each of polymer (a total unit capacity of 6,000 lbm), and a feeder below each tank that can meter as much as 120 lbm of polymer per minute, for fast and precise mixing
  • A unique-gravity-feed method for moving viscous fluid to the dilution manifold or blender, which the eliminates the cost and footprint required for a pump
  • A control panel displaying polymer rate, temperature, viscosity, water rate, and totals so that you can monitor and control your mix in real time

The DOTF system enhances the quality and integrity of the fracturing-fluid system by eliminating the need for third-party blending. It is also capable of both batch processing and continuous processing, depending on your application needs.

Contact us to discover how the Dry-on-the-Fly hydration system can enhance your hydraulic fracturing service performance.


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