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  • Dramatically reduce frictional drag while running in coiled tubing
  • Optimize interventions in your extended-reach wells
  • Save rig and intervention time

  • Coiled tubing running
  • Milling out plugs



Optimize your well interventions by getting your coiled tubing to target depth with the CT Energy ToeTAPPER™ from Baker Hughes.


Maximize coiled tubing running with a robust, reliable tool

The ToeTAPPER is a coiled tubing friction reduction device with a proven track record for aiding tubing deployment and plug mill-outs in extended reach laterals.

The tool accepts a fraction of the fluid pumped down the coiled tubing. A rotor/stator power section rapidly opens and closes a rotating valve to generate a pulse effect. The pulse of fluid is vented to the annulus, creating a negative pressure pulse that generates a fluid hammer effect that reduces frictional drag between the tubing and the wellbore.

The ToeTAPPER’s low frequency gives the high-amplitude pressure pulse more time to act on the coiled tubing, thus creating more effective friction reduction. The fluid venting also permits slightly higher pump rates, which improves debris removal and well cleaning while ensuring your coiled tubing string reaches the end of your lateral.

The tool performs effectively on the majority of plug milling wells, with a maximum operating temperature of up to 350°F (175°C) and outer diameters sizes ranging from 2.125 in. (54 mm) to 3.125 in. (79.28 mm).

And because it is highly debris tolerant, the ToeTAPPER performs reliably on your wells where re-circulated fluid and/or limited fluid filtration are present.

Contact us to learn how the CT Energy ToeTAPPER can optimize coiled tubing operations in your extended reach wells. 

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