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  • Simplifies operations while improving fracturing economics
  • Facilitates water management and reduces associated costs
  • Minimizes environmental impact without sacrificing performance

  • Shale fracturing operations
  • Fracturing in low-permeability reservoirs



Improve your fracturing economics and well productivity with HydroCare™ slickwater fluid systems from Baker Hughes.

HydroCare systems are specifically formulated for fracturing applications in low-permeability formations such as shale. Systems are offered with additive packages that are customized to your well’s requirements. Additives include:

  • High-quality polyacrylamide polymer friction reducers that reduce fluid friction pressures and minimize hydraulic horsepower requirements
  • Premium gas flow surfactants that enhance fluid recovery
  • Bacteria control that protects the reservoir from souring
  • Clay inhibition or stabilizer additives that minimize formation damage and proppant embedment

With HydroCare systems, you’re assured stimulation value with superior-performance, compatible, quality-assured chemical additives that are physically safe and environmentally responsible.

Contact us to learn how HydroCare slickwater fluid systems can help optimize your hydraulic fracturing operations.

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