• Minimize clay swelling risks to improve fluid recovery
  • Minimize surface horsepower requirements with customized crosslink delays
  • Minimize emulsions in oil wells and gas-condensate wells

  • Hydraulic fracturing in underpressured gas reservoirs up to 250°F (121°C)
  • Hydraulic fracturing in water-sensitive gas reservoirs
  • Hydraulic fracturing operations energized with CO2 or N2



Protect your underpressured and water-sensitive formations during hydraulic fracturing with the Baker Hughes MethoFrac™ family of fracturing fluids.  

These methanol-based, crosslinked fracturing fluid systems provide higher viscosity to optimize proppant transport and fracture efficiency. And with methanol as the base fluid, you can minimize clay swelling and migration, tubular friction pressure, and emulsion tendency.

MethoFrac fluids can also be customized to remove or prevent capillary water blocks and improve fluid recovery.

Methanol concentration and crosslink and breaking time can be adjusted to achieve your specific application requirements. The fluid can be used with methanol concentrations as high as 100%.

Contact us to learn how the MethoFrac fracturing fluid systems can optimize your hydraulic fracturing operations in sensitive formations.

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