• Minimize freshwater acquisition and transportation costs
  • Minimize produced-water treatment and disposal costs
  • Ensure reliable stimulation performance while improving health, safety, and environment (HSE) compliance

  • Hydraulic fracturing operations in remote locations without close access to freshwater
  • Fracturing operations in environmentally sensitive locations
  • Frac spreads with limited options and locations for water disposal



The BrineCare™ fracturing fluid service from Baker Hughes draws from a suite of simple, easy-to-deploy fracturing fluids specifically engineered for fast, effective use in produced-water applications.

Each of the four BrineCare frac fluid systems has been pre-engineered to ensure reliable performance with produced water across a specific range of total dissolved solids (TDS) and water temperatures.


Get proven fracturing fluid performance—quickly and cost effectively.

Identifying the proper BrineCare fluid is as simple as gathering a sample of your produced water. Our stimulation fluid experts analyze your sample and, based on the total dissolved solids in the water and the temperature of your target formation, quickly and effectively determine the optimal BrineCare system for your wells.

If our screening identifies the need for any water treatment prior to application, we will develop a program to treat your water—while striking the ideal balance between the highest-quality fracturing treatment and the most cost-effective water reuse program.

With our BrineCare service, you’re assured superior frac fluid performance—all while minimizing your HSE footprint, eliminating freshwater acquisition costs, and lowering your produced water treatment and disposal spend.

Contact us to learn how BrineCare fracturing fluid service can minimize your freshwater needs while maximizing fracturing efficiency.

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