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  • Minimizes safety risks with robust construction
  • Adapts easily to any lock design
Other Benefits

  • Allows unrestricted injection and protection of the flapper and sealing areas from erosional effects



Reliably maintain your producing well’s surface pressure and flow rate with the A4™ wireline-retrievable velocity valve from Baker Hughes.

The A4 valve is a subsurface-controlled subsurface safety valve engineered to help deliver optimal production at minimal risk. The valve is designed to be normally open but then automatically closes when the flow rate increases beyond the valve’s preset closing conditions.


Control your production flows, safely and securely

If loss of normal well control occurs at the surface and flow velocity increases, a pressure drop is created across an orifice. The resulting force generated by this pressure drop causes the valve’s flow tube to retract and the valve to close, effectively shutting in the well.

The valve will reopen once pressures equalize across the flapper.

The valve can be efficiently run and retrieved using conventional wireline methods, and readjusted onsite to meet changing well conditions.

The A4 velocity valve includes a unique equalizing subassembly, which permits pressure from below the valve to equalize prior to valve retrieval.  

The valve is versatile and capable of setting at any depth. You can confidently run the A4 valve in tubing sizes ranging from 2.375 in. to 7 in. and with working pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Contact us to learn how the A4 velocity valve can help you safely optimize your production rates.

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