Ensure fast, reliable cutting and recovery of tubing or drillpipe from your wellbore with outside cutters from Baker Hughes.

Our proven mechanical cutting tools make clean and efficient cuts—allowing you to retrieve tubing with less risk, time, and expense compared to conventional cutters.

Minimize your fishing time with a range of both standard and customizable outside cutters. Our solutions include:

  • Standard and washover outside cutters mechanically cut and recover tubulars in just one trip. Our tools give you a smooth cut on the outside diameter (OD) and slightly flared inside diameters (IDs). You can engage externally and run wireline with no requirement for dressing off. And with knives constructed of heat-treated, contour-ground steel, these tools maximize cutting performance—even with tubulars with plugged IDs.  
  • Outside shear pin cutters are custom-sized tools that deliver assured cutting performance when your fish OD demands it. With the largest ratio of fish-OD to cutter-OD of any outside cutter, our shear-pin cutters deliver in applications where other cutters cannot operate. Ensure the highest reliability and cutting performance with cutter bodies and knives constructed with high-quality, heat-treated alloy steels.  
  • The BG outside cutter is an automatic, spring-fed cutter designed to deliver fast and reliable cutting and recovery in a wide variety of pipe hardness and tool joint configurations. The tool’s large ID allows it to pass over gas-lift mandrels and ball valves with ease. And by applying a predetermined and controlled amount of pressure on the knives, the BG outside cutter eliminates the problem of broken knives and missed cuts, even in high-angle and horizontal wells.

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