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  • Ensure reliable isolation under wide temperature fluctuations
  • Get proven performance in hostile environments with robust designs

  • High-pressure/high-temperature completions
  • Geothermal wells
  • Thermal completions



Get assured annular isolation for your hostile-environment wells with heavy-duty compression-set packers from Baker Hughes.  From high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) completions to single-zone thermal completions, our retrievable mechanical packers let you complete your operations safely, swiftly, and cost effectively.


Assured setting and retrieval

Our range of heavy-duty packers and accessories have a proven track record of reliable performance in economically marginal, technically challenging wells. We offer several types of retrievable, rotationally set packers for use in deep or shallow wells.

And with a double-grip design, our packers are ideal in steam injection, huff and puff, geothermal wells, and other applications when differential pressures from above and below are anticipated.

All packers are designed for efficient deployment, setting, and release. Simply set the packer with a one-fourth turn, right-hand rotation and release with straight pickup.

Contact us to learn how heavy-duty compression-set packers can improve the efficiency of any well application requiring robust and reliable zonal isolation.

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