Bently HOST
Bently HOST
Condition Monitoring Software-as-a-Service

Proactive, data-driven machine protection enables smarter decisions to protect assets and improve safety while avoiding costly downtime. Bently HOST from Bently Nevada delivers System 1† condition monitoring software in a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, allowing any business with critical assets to realize the benefits of machine health monitoring without a burdensome investment. 

Bently HOST† combines the delivery of hardware, software, and services into a single, secure offering that allows businesses to increase their reliability and availability while simultaneously enjoying a decrease in maintenance costs and lost production revenues. With a single monthly subscription fee, customers can still take advantage of all the System 1 capabilities and data in order to make real-time, condition-based decisions in support of a predictive maintenance program.

Service Features
Hosted Software

Bently Nevada hosts the software and hardware in a secure SaaS environment. This eliminates the investment in IT infrastructure and reduces the total cost of ownership of a condition monitoring program.

Managed Updates

Infrastructure updates, including cybersecurity, IT and hot fixes are handled by Bently Nevada experts so you can reap the benefits without the added cost layer of management.

Data Security and Integrity

Data is secure and compliant with industry and regional cybersecurity standards. The customer owns and has access to their data at any time during their subscription period.


Collect data from machinery with seamless connectivity to a comprehensive list of online, scanning and portable condition monitoring devices and sensors. Integrates with other systems and devices with standard industrial software connectors and exporters.

Data Acquisition and Historian

Analyze machinery data in real-time and store at sub-second resolution with an embedded high-speed historian. Precisely control data collection and storage rates for time-series and waveform data based on machinery operating state, alarm condition, and connected device(s).

Condition Monitoring

Bently HOST condition monitoring as a service helps you drive a proactive machinery monitoring strategy by detecting changes in condition before operational surprises with a library of software-calculated analytics, state-based alarming, and flexible notification templates. You can curate your own custom program with alarm management, diagnostic reporting, and case history tracking for each machine.

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