Custody Transfer - Level Flow Measurement 
Sentinel flow meters offer peace of mind to pipeline operators

When you’re transferring ownership of high-value raw and refined assets like petroleum and crude oil, you need to know you’re getting highly accurate, custody transfer-level flow measurements that meet the strict requirements of regional authorities.

Our Sentinel high-accuracy ultrasonic flow meters deliver those high-accuracy measurements – even in the unstable conditions typical of pipelines – to reduce uncertainty and increase peace of mind.



Meet the Sentinel high-accuracy ultrasonic flowmeters. And see why they’re the last word in flow meter technology.

Our Sentinel flow meters deliver custody transfer-level measurement, easy integration, rugged construction, and reliable performance – even in the unstable conditions of typical pipelines. 

When you spec a Sentinel flow meter, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the high-accuracy measurements and insights you need to operate cost-effectively and free from false alarms.

Sentinel Flow Meter Features & Frequently Asked Questions
Sentinel Liquid Natural Gas Custody Transfer Flow Meter

The Sentinel LNG ultrasonic custody transfer liquid flow meter extends cryogenic applications to -200 C. Like other Sentinel meters it is reliable, robust, and cost-effective.

With no moving parts, a robust path configuration, and bundled waveguide technology, the signals can enter the process while protecting the transducers from cryogenic temperatures. Benefits include:

  • Improved performance, reduced maintenance, and dynamic flow measurement for cryogenic liquids
  • Fully welded construction with no moving parts
  • Ultrasonic transducers protected from cryogenic temperatures using Bundle Waveguide™ Technology
  • Full bore design, zero pressure drop
  • High accuracy to overcome limitations of tank level gauging
  • Robust Path Configuration™ through extensive use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
Sentinel LNG
Sentinel LCT8 8-Path Custody Transfer Liquid Flow Meter

The Panametrics Sentinel LCT8 is uniquely designed to meet the strict requirements for custody transfer of hydrocarbons. Its robust path configuration provides trouble-free operation that will not drift, even when the liquid product changes in the line.

The Sentinel LCT8 is the latest addition to the high-accuracy product line of ultrasonic flow meters. It delivers custody transfer-level measurement, even in the unstable conditions typical of pipelines. 

Its 8 measurement paths give operators enhanced visibility into their pipelines to support informed decisions and minimize risk. Against other flow technology meters, the LCT8 exemplifies the advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement, including:

  • No drifting or required periodic calibration
  • No pressure drop
  • No restriction in the pipe
  • No moving parts and no filters or strainers
Sentinel LCT8
Sentinel LCT4 4-Path Custody Transfer Liquid Flow Meter

The Panametrics Sentinel LCT4 is a new addition to our line of ultrasonic flow meters. Designed specifically for high accuracy measurement of crude oil, other liquid refined hydrocarbon products, and other non-hydrocarbon liquids, it delivers extremely reliable and repeatable results and meets the strict performance requirements of OIML R117-1 and API MPMS Chapter 5.8.

The LCT4 refines the high-reliability characteristics of its predecessor, the Sentinel LCT, into an aesthetically designed, compact meter body with integral cables, no extended buffers, and no junction boxes. It continues to retain all of the advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement, including:

  • No drifting or required periodic calibration
  • No pressure drop
  • No restriction in the pipe
  • No moving parts and no filters or strainers
Sentinel LCT Custody Transfer Liquid Flow Meter

The Panametrics Sentinel LCT demonstrates new levels of performance and accuracy, reacts to changes in flow rate with incredible speed, and is based on proven technology.

The Sentinel LCT is designed specifically for the custody transfer measurement of crude oil and other liquid refined products.


  • Extremely reliable and highly accurate flowmeter, designed specifically for custody transfer measurements
  • Viscosity independent. Measurement accuracy will not be affected by a change in viscosity or density
  • Fully welded construction with no moving parts. No filters or strainers required
  • Full bore design, zero pressure drop
  • Robust Path Configuration™ through extensive use of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)
  • Optionally built-in flow computer for API MPMS 11.1 corrections for temperature and pressure
What is custody transfer?

Custody Transfer in the Oil & Gas industry refers to the transfer of custody of a liquid (i.e. crude oil, LNG, etc.) between two parties. This can include the transferring of raw and refined petroleum between:

  • tanks
  • tankers
  • ships
  • other segments of the production and delivery chain

Custody transfer in fluid measurement in general (i.e. applications other than Oil & Gas) is defined by a metering point (location) where the fluid is being measured for transfer (typically a sales transaction) from one party to another.

Obviously then, accuracy is of great importance to all parties involved, from those who are procuring and delivering raw product, producing a refined material, those tasked with delivering the material, to the eventual end recipient.

Sentinel Custody Transfer Panametrics
How is flow measured?

Ultrasonic flow meters use transit time to determine the liquid or gas flow in a pipeline.

Measured transit time consists not only of the time the ultrasonic signal spends in a fluid, but also of a portion of “dead time,” being the time that the electrical signal is converted into an acoustical signal and the time the acoustic signal travels inside the transducer.

To allow for the utmost accuracy, Sentinel LCT uses pulse-echo to actively measure the dead time.

By sending a pulse and measuring its reflection, the dead time is measured in real-time rather than using a preset value.

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What is a custody transfer meter?

While there are many types of meters used in custody transfer, the ultrasonic flow meter is by far and away the most popular flow meter, thanks in part to its high accuracy and low maintenance design

Ultrasonic flow meters calculate and report volumetric flow rates, and typically use transit-time to do so. Transit time is calculated when the difference between sound waves transmitted in the direction of fluid flow travels at a different speed than those traveling in the opposite direction. This calculated difference is proportional to fluid velocity.

Another benefit of ultrasonic flow meters is that they have negligible pressure drop, high turndown capability, and can operate within a wide range of applications, fluids, viscosities, and pressures.

Unlike other mechanical flow meters, ultrasonic flowmeters do not have any moving parts. Ultrasonic meters offer additional benefits by being easier to install, with minimal maintenance, especially when compared to other flow meter types.

Sentinel High-Accuracy Ultrasonic Flow Meters: The right technology for your application

Liquid Custody Transfer
Allocation Measurement
Pipeline Leak Detection
Critical Liquid Processes

Liquid Custody Transfer

Custody transfer requires the highest level of accuracy of any pipeline application. 

That’s why operators choose Sentinel flow meters. 

They deliver custody transfer-level performance, accurate and repeatable flow measurements, and a design that’s rugged and easy to integrate.

Allocation Measurement

Sentinel meters use a multipath inline flow meter method that permits a wide range of measurements for liquid hydrocarbons, making them ideal for custody transfer as well as allocation measurement applications. 

Whether you’re supporting ownership allocation or allocation in a comingled flow, you can count on Sentinel meters to deliver the accuracy you need.

Pipeline Leak Detection

Keep people, the environment, and your company’s reputation safe from harm by monitoring pipeline leaks with Sentinel meters. 

Ultrasonic flow meters like our Sentinel LCT8 provide enhanced diagnostics that compensate for changes in flow, giving you better visibility into your system and better confidence to determine real from false alarms.

Critical Liquid Processes

For any measurement requiring high accuracy and low uncertainty, you can count on the precision of Sentinel flow meters to deliver the performance you need.

We know getting highly accurate custody transfer-level flow measurements is important for your operations. 
Learn how to calculate your Custody Transfer and potential leak savings on this Interactive Tool!

Using this tool, you will have the ability to:

  • Calculate potential leak savings opportunities using your own parameters
  • Calculate the Custody Transfer efficiency of your current process
  • Learn how flow measurement can optimize Leak Detection and Custody Transfer processes

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Technology Brief:

Find out how the right technology can make or break your pipeline

Sentinel Custody Transfer Panametrics

Achieving Custody Transfer Accuracy Using an Ultrasonic Flowmeter With Five Diameters of Upstream Straight Run

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Leveraging the Diagnostics of Eight-Path Ultrasonic Flow Meters

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