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The Nexus OnCore Compact Control System offers all features that are present in the Nexus OnCore Control System but in a smaller form factor. The Nexus OnCore Compact Control System is a fully featured distributed control system (DCS), integrated control system (ICS) or balance of plant (BOP) software package with diagnostic capabilities that go well beyond what a programmable logic controller (PLC) can provide.

A New, Smaller Size with Many Benefits

Though the Nexus OnCore Compact Control System can fit into much tighter spaces, the system has all the same features present in larger industrial control systems. Its innovative, smaller design retains the same controller and I/O technologies as the Nexus OnCore Control System. The compact size sets itself apart from other ICS systems because it is flexible and able to accommodate many different applications all while being easy to service and maintain.

Unlike PLCs the Nexus OnCore Compact Control System software is not preprogrammed and can easily scale to meet changing industrial control requirements. This is beneficial when wanting to make changes, such as expanding an auxiliary system or adding a simulator. It can also be deployed as remote I/O which provides the unique ability of operating at a broad temperature range without loss of performance. The system hardware is designed to be redundant for both I/O communication and power enabling independent replacement of modules without powering down the entire system. Expanded options include the ability to provide redundant controllers to improve overall availability. There are no limitations when it comes to the Nexus OnCore Compact Control System when compared to a PLC.

The Nexus OnCore Compact Control System can accommodate a changing environment. For example, a pulp and paper company that manufactures stationary must switch to a new product due to changing industry trends. This organization decides to go in a different direction and focus on corrugated cardboard. This change requires them to update their manufacturing equipment. Using a PLC is no longer an acceptable solution because they can be unforgiving and rigid. Using the Nexus OnCore Compact Control System, on the other hand, allows this company to add to or update their existing equipment and integrate with other systems at site.

When compared with other potential replacement system, the Nexus OnCore Compact Control System delivers an advanced, fully configurable solution that provides simplified expansion capabilities, reduced overall installation and training costs and an easy-to-use software that improves the overall user experience. Due to its accommodating nature the Nexus OnCore Compact Control System is an investment that will help customers adapt to all their changing business conditions.

  1. Flexible mounting options allow it to be installed in a standard 19" rack or onto an existing back-panel
  2. Reduced size allows it to fit into a standard 600mm x 300mm x 1200mm (WxDxH) cabinet
  3. Installation options for both pre-existing and brand-new cabinets
  4. Looped I/O communication and power enables independent replacement of modules without powering down the complete system
  5. Integrated Nexus OnCore OptimumC HMI software package includes embedded data historian and engineering tools. The data historian can be expanded without additional equipment, saving cost, and allowing for more analytical capability
  1. Easily accommodates many different applications
  2. Flexible and easy to configure
  3. Reliable and designed to be redundant
  4. Easy to maintain and service
  5. Adaptable to changing business requirements

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