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Ultrasonic inspection of Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) pipes SAW pipes are the primary component in on and off shore oil and gas transmission pipelines. Structural integrity is paramount in these constructions, and industry standards require inspection of the weld seam quality within the pipe manufacturing process. These inspection standards are well established for carbon steel pipe and are developing rapidly for constructions with corrosion resistant cladding on the internal surface of the pipe. Waygate Technologies has a long history of innovation providing SNUP Systems for inspection of these safety critical assets

Waygate Technologies’ Krautkrämer SNUP system is designed for automated ultrasonic inspection of the submerged-arc welded (SAW) seam. It is used for longitudinal or helical (spiral) weld seams.

SNUP systems are the industry standard for high throughput inspection of conventional carbon steel pipes and more complex constructions, such as CLAD pipes. These ultrasonic testing systems are built with our industry-leading technology, phased array or optionally conventional. The system assesses weld quality for process control prior to expansion and hydrostatic testing as well as for the final quality test. All major international standards are met, such as API, DNV, SHELL, IOGP.

Product Features
Key Features
  • Meets final test requirements for API, ISO, DNV, Shell, Chevron, Aramco, IOGP and other global pipeline operator standards
  • Standard Phased Array ultrasonic methods with optional Conventional ultrasound
  • Laser weld seam tracking
  • Available in lifting frame or portal configurations
  • Rugged, stiff steel construction to minimize factory vibration impact on ultrasonic performance
  • Automated setup with motorized probe centerline adjustment and sectorial scan optimization
  • No dimensional or wall thickness limitations
  • Optional on-bead weld inspection 
  • 100% in-process testing of LSAW welds
  • Setup for Carbon steel or CLAD pipe weld inspection on same system
  • High test speeds to keep up with multiple weld lines
  • Flexible platform with fast changeover and setup for different pipe geometries
  • Excellent ultrasonic inspection performance
Productivity boost for Krautkrämer SNUP-LO: WheelProbe 2
  • Gain production time
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Get higher performance
  • No compromise on quality
WheelProbe 2

Krautkramer Phased Array SNUP|xx

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