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Delivering flexible and connected digital solutions for industrial machines, equipment, and systems

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Asset Performance Management (APM)

Increasing the reliability and availability of industrial assets by evolving and integrating asset health and strategy solutions.

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Asset Inspection

Improving plantwide operations by optimizing processes, production, and yield beyond individual machines to industrial asset systems.

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Emissions Management

Increasing visibility into carbon footprint and assessment of asset strategy impact on emissions.


Energy technology expertise together with a modular portfolio of industrial hardware services and software, and a network of leading partners

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Industrial sensors and operational software

Our software is installed across industrial operations, drawing on expansive failure mode libraries, OEM analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. With more than 9 million sensors in the field, our solutions connect the industrial edge to the enterprise.

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Engineering, services, and operations expertise

Our teams hold deep domain expertise in engineering, servicing, and operating industrial machines, equipment, and processes. We draw on our understanding of the physics behind heavy industrials to inform a hybrid first principles and data-based approach to asset management software.

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Ecosystem of leading partners

By combining our industrial domain expertise and technology with our specialized designated partners, our team is able to provide a wide range of connected industrial asset management solutions.


Optimizing industrial asset performance to increase reliability and availability, optimize processes, and reduce emissions

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Asset Performance Management (APM)

APM delivers deep insights into the health and performance of industrial machines and equipment, offering diagnostics and predictive intelligence that contribute to performance improvements and productivity gains for the entire industrial asset base. Implemented effectively, an integrated approach to APM optimizes asset health, asset reliability strategies, and plant protection to balance cost, risk, and performance.

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BakerHughesC3.ai (BHC3)

BHC3™ applications leverage advanced machine learning and AI technology to uncover patterns from large data sets, enabling predictive action for critical operations. Our customers can leverage a suite of BHC3 applications that can continuously monitor asset and system health, detecting risk and anomalies ahead of time, in addition to offering advanced analytic techniques on operational data to improve production yield and process efficiency.

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iCenter Turbomachinery – Advanced Digital Services

Expert fleet monitoring and engineering support services are at the core of iCenter turbomachinery advanced digital services. Deployed on local control systems and remotely with edge-to-cloud solutions to convert industrial assets into IIoT machines to increase fleet reliability and productivity while improving the effectiveness and flexibility of planned maintenance.

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An agnostic software platform that combines data from multiple non-destructive testing (NDT) tools, connects the entire inspection history of your asset and enables you to add inspection insights to a digital twin throughout its lifecycle. This turns your data into a tool for faster and better decisions, ultimately saving costs and enabling a more competitive product.

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Valve Lifecycle Management (VLM)

Valve Lifecycle Management (VLM) provides digital asset management from installation, maintenance and repair throughout the life of the valve, optimizing the maintenance and performance of all valve brands through advanced diagnostics. This diagnostics information leveraging historic data trends combined with embedded algorithms allow plant operators to prioritize and optimize valve maintenance activities, enabling greater valve performance and preventing unplanned downtime.

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Industrial emissions management

Our advanced emissions management technology monitors and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from industrial operations. Our project execution experience combined with expert process knowledge helps customers understand, control and reduce emissions to support their emission management journey.





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