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Welcome to the home of Nexus Controls! Nexus Controls, a Baker Hughes business has been serving customers worldwide for more than a century. We leverage multiple Turbine and Compressor Controls platforms and a proven Distributed Controls System (DCS) platform, along with a complete OT Cybersecurity, Excitation, Mechanical, Instrumentation & Controls, and Global Service portfolio to meet your turnkey needs.




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Then you’ll need a partner that believes in balancing costs and benefits to meet your unique goals. That’s where we come in. Nexus Controls will focus first and foremost on gaining a deep understanding of your challenges and problems, before making recommendations. We believe this is how we ultimately achieve the best possible solution for YOU.

Drawing on more than century of experience and vast knowledge, our dedicated and global support team of over 800 employees has delivered successful outcomes at more than 11,000 customer sites.

We have a broad range of Control, Safety, Cybersecurity, Mechanical, Instrumentation, and Service offerings to choose from when developing your unique solution. We strive to be viewed as your partner and we work hard to develop and sustain a long-term relationship with you.

Nexus Controls. We’ve been here all along


Nexus Controls was rebranded as part of Digital Solutions at Baker Hughes back in October 2019. However, the Nexus Controls story began long before that. Our business today exists as the collective experience and history of multiple companies whose lineage spans 150 years.

Beginning with The Woodward Governor Company and encompassing longstanding relationships and synergy with General Electric and Baker Hughes, the entire Nexus Controls story demonstrates our intense focus on innovation, customer relationships, and measurable outcomes – the three pillars of our historical success.   

Our unique history is what made us a leader in the energy technology, industrial controls, DCS, safety systems, and cybersecurity markets. It is important to us because it is who we are. 

And although you might not know us by name… we’ve been here all along.





Turbine Control Systems


Industrial Distributed Control Systems
Generator Control & Excitation Systems

Our dedicated team of engineering and service professionals specialize in generator control and protection systems. We have decades of experience supplying excitation modernizations for heavy duty and aeroderivative gas, industrial and large steam, and hydro powered turbine-generators to customers worldwide.

As regulatory and operational requirements evolve, many legacy generator control systems are limited by the technology of their era and require upgrades to improve the performance, security and compliance of generating assets. Aging generator controls represent an increased operational risk over time and our team can help owners to develop comprehensive hardware, software, design and installation solutions optimized to meet their specific needs.

Whether a “controls only” migration, a standalone excitation replacement or as part of an integrated plant control retrofit project, our team can provide a single point of responsibility to deliver a successful retrofit across a wide variety of generator and control manufacturers and applications.

Generator Control System

SecurityST® は、タービン、プラント、発電機の制御環境を保護するために特別に設計された柔軟で構成可能なサイバーセキュリティーハードウェアソリューションです。SecuritySTは、攻撃表面を縮小したり、サイバーリスクを管理したり、グローバルなセキュリティ標準に適合したりするために必要な予防的保護ポリシーと集中化されたレポーティング機能を提供します。

サイバーアセット保護 (CAP)は、 オペレーティングシステムとアプリケーションに有効なバッチをお届けするセキュリティプログラムであり、HMI、サーバー、スイッチ、ネットワーク侵入検知装置が確実にサイバーの脆弱性から保護されるようにするためのサイバーウィルス対策/侵入検知シグネチャが含まれます。

Mechanical, Instrumentation and Control

Engineered Mechanical and Instrumentation solutions by Nexus Controls have been designed for and have been serving the global Utility, Industrial, and Oil & Gas vertical markets for more than 62 years. Our mechanical and instrumentation solutions are offered standalone or as system applications.

Both mechanical and instrumentation solutions can be integrated with our Nexus OnCore Distributed Control System (DCS) or integrated into an existing customer DCS system. We provide full service and maintenance offerings for all our standard and custom solutions.

High-Fidelity Simulation

Nexus Controls leverages its deep knowledge of turbines and plant equipment to provide you with reliable, virtual controller software that creates a safe, risk-free environment to train and test control system modifications. Utilizing our simulation software makes operations and maintenance processes more effective and increasing the plant productivity.




24時間年中無休のテクニカルサポート、ライブ遠隔診断、現場でのフィールドエンジニアリング、部品管理、サイバーセキュリティサポート、世界一流のトレーニングをお探しですか? お客様と協力して、カスタマイズされたサービス契約し、運営を最適化し、ダウンタイムを最小限に抑え、安全性を改善します。

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Over 11,000 global projects successfully completed.

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44 countries on 6 continents, 8 Assembly / Test Facilities, 13 Engineering Offices.

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