A step-change in subsea capability and cost

Our Aptara™ composite flexible pipe is a step-change product that provides our customers with a cost-effective solution for ultra-deepwater applications—in water depths up to around 10,000 ft (3,000 m).


Predictable and stable performance with 30% weight savings

A hybrid of traditional flexible pipe designs, this new product introduces 21st-century materials technology for one specific layer—achieving 30% weight savings without affecting bending radius or compressive load capability.

For risers, this is achieved by reducing hang-off weights and platform burdens, simplifying riser configurations, and minimizing ancillaries and subsea infrastructure, while keeping exposure to new technology to a minimum. The product eliminates riser-system complexity and reduces cost and installation time, while delivering predictable and stable hydrodynamic performance over the full product lifecycle.

When used as flowlines or jumpers, the product enhances the flexibility of final layouts, accommodating re-spuds and early deployment/wet storing of pipe within installation windows of opportunity, which may occur off the project critical path.


Designed for high-pressure applications

In high-sour or high-CO2 developments in particular, our hybrid composite pipe significantly reduces permeated gas flow rate through the pipe annulus, reducing operational risk and adding cost benefits over the field lifecycle.


Maximum versatility

Aptara flexible pipes are also re-usable and can be redeployed to many different duties and locations.

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