Tighter environmental regulations around the world have changed the way you think about managing your drilling fluids and the associated drilling waste generated from a well. Baker Hughes is focused on creating innovative, cost-effective solutions to address the oil and gas industry's environmental responsibilities. We offer products, equipment, and services that mitigate or eliminate the environmental impact of oil and gas exploration and production.

Fluids Environmental Services (FES) from Baker Hughes gives you a comprehensive, integrated set of solutions for managing and disposing of your drilling waste, safely and sustainably.


Solutions for every waste management need

Working with Baker Hughes FES, you get access to the full spectrum of solutions for the entire waste management cycle.

Solids control. Choose from a full range of field-proven solids processing technologies, from shale shaker screens to centrifuges, which can be rapidly deployed to your rig site with a minimal footprint

Cuttings processing. Select from a wide array of bulk cuttings transfer, skip-and-ship, and cuttings dryers technologies and services to eliminate the environmental hazards associated with your drilling waste, with minimal amounts of energy or chemicals required

Liquids processing. Reduce the volumes of spent fluids generated during drilling operations and their associated environmental risks with our comprehensive portfolio of dewatering units, closed-loop mud systems, filtration systems, and slop treatment

Cuttings reinjection. Fully dispose of all of your cuttings waste into a subsurface geological formation, with a complete suite of injection equipment to ensure compliance, reduce non-productive time, and eliminate the risk of regulatory penalties


Tangible benefits

Working with our FES team, you can deploy the optimal set of drilling waste management solutions to quickly achieve several operational benefits.

Ensure rapid deployment. Let our teams take on many of the project deployment responsibilities to greatly reduce set up time while ensuring full environmental compliance

Optimize your manpower. Free up your personnel to concentrate on the operational big picture and let our experienced team handle the details of the process, including obtaining the drilling approval

Ensure optimal efficiency. Maximize operating efficiency through the use of Key Performance Indicators, full logistics management of all fluid and waste transportation, and accurate audit trails of all drilling waste

Minimize risks. Let us identify all potential risks of the waste management and disposal process to minimize the impact of your drilling operations on the environment

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