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FAQ | Accessories

FAQ | Accessories
What is the DPI611/612/610E/PV62x Blanking Plug Part Number?

The Blanking Plug for the Pressure Port is part number PVS116M1823-1
The Blanking Plug for the Pressure Module Port is part number IO620-BLANK

PACE 5000/6000 - Dirt & Moisture Protection

The IDT600-1 dirt trap could be used as this will prevent particles and droplets of liquid from entering the PACE controller through the Outlet port.
It will probably not stop humidity entering the controller, for this you could probably use a drier or in line desiccant. 

Note:- Maximum pressure is 35 bar, needs to be mounted vertically. 

See datasheet

What is the Part Number of the Seals used on Pressure Relief Valves IO620-PRV-H1 to H5?

All the seals for the valves IO620-PRV-H1 to IO620-PRV-H5 are contained in the PV623 / PV623G seal kit, part number IS620-18.

Replacing a Damaged IDT621/622 Pressure Port

For replacing the pressure port on the IDT622/IDT621 you can use the part number IO-ADAPT-QF.
This part number include items 10 to 50 in the image below.
Ensure items 40 and 50 are fitted as shown below. 

The fitting instructions are attached.

Replacing a Damaged IDT621/622 Pressure Port

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