Expert calibration and repair services with improved turn around times

Our upgraded facility in Billerica, MA has enabled the North American Druck services team to enhance our engineering, technical support, and customer service efforts. This investment ensures top-quality calibrations and repairs with quick turnaround times. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Druck's service lab now boasts increased calibration efficiency. 

Druck Services lab is accredited to ISO17025 for all ADTS, Pace, and Portables. We provide accredited calibrations for all the units using deadweights and precision transducers as reference standards.”

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Meet your North America Druck Services Team

Based in Billerica, Massachusetts, Druck's North America Service center is ready to support with your calibration and repair needs.

Our experienced Druck team, comprised of skilled professionals from various backgrounds, are ready to provide top-notch calibration and repair services for everything from ADTS to PACE to Portable calibrators, all within 21 days or less!

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Druck delivers calibration, repairs, spare parts, rentals, health checks and upgrades to your equipment. Only Druck-approved components are used to guarantee that your instrument is returned to its original specifications. New components fitted as part of a major repair are covered by a 6 month warranty.

At the North American Service Center, we calibrate and repair Druck's portable calibrators, pressure controllers and indicators, and ADTS units.

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Portable calibration instruments

PACE Pressure Controllers & Indicators

ADTS Pitot Static Testers

  • DPI611
  • DPI612
  • DPI610E
  • DPI620G Genii
  • DPI104
  • DPI705E
  • DPI800
  • IUPM 
  • PM620
  • PV621/622/623/624
  • PACE 1000
  • PACE 5000 with CM0, 1, 2 & 3
  • PACE 6000 with CM0, 1, 2 & 3
  • ADTS 405 MkII & MkII
  • ADTS 542F
  • ADTS 552, 553, 554
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Druck's North America Services Leader, Michael Piantedosi, recently featured on a great podcast in which he gave some detail about his role which focuses on customer satisfaction and a reduction in turnaround times.

Listen to Mike’s podcast here.

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For more information about our Service center in North America, please contact our team using the details below: 

Phone: +1 (281) 542-3650