Extended-reach coiled tubing services provide you with reliable, economical options for servicing long horizontal wells, offering predictable and repeatable performance in extended laterals. Baker Hughes provides customized coiled tubing solutions that minimize risk and improves overall field economics.

Experienced personnel and specialized equipment are the keys when servicing those 12,000-ft (3,000-m) and longer laterals. Lubricants and water hammers are often required to make those challenging operations routine. Lubricants reduce metal-to-metal friction creating improved sliding efficiency and higher rates of penetration. In addition, static friction can be minimized by using vibrators in the bottom hole assembly — maximizing efficiency while minimizing overall risk in long horizontal wells.

These specialized techniques can increase your capabilities in extended-reach coiled tubing operations compared to conventional solutions. Especially in the longer laterals being drilled in shale formations, our extended-lateral milling services can help you reach total depth reliably and mill every plug — all the way to the toe.

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