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Our applications give you access to real-time data and insights for better decisions

Data are seamlessly transferred from the rig to our secure servers and used in all our applications. You always have access in real time, and our applications provide the information and insights that encourage collaboration and enable faster, more reliable decision making.

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Compare comprehensive historical data against real-time wells

Our applications identify the causes of non-productive time and invisible lost time, enabling continuous improvement while you’re drilling—and building valuable intelligence ahead of the next well.

Our Expertise

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Best practices and optimization

Underpinned by unmatched engineering expertise and decades of drilling and formation-evaluation experience, our comprehensive offset data and engineering applications provide the insights you need to optimize every well-construction project.

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Improved decision making

From spud to total depth, real-time drilling reports and insights enable faster, more informed decisions—and deliver better wells. Our i-Trak drilling automation services reduce operational risk while steering the perfect path to, and through, your reservoir.  

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Risk mitigation and transparency

Whatever equipment you’re running, we have an exception-based alarm for any risk, from safety and well control to tool health and vibration monitoring. With a single portal putting you in control of all alarms and events, you’re remote operations ready.

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