The Intelligent Chemistry service streamlines your operations—in the oilfield and in the refinery—with data-driven decisions and field automation advances.


Optimize operating efficiency with remote chemical management solutions

Automated chemical management offerings include the INTELLISWEET™ H2S management solution with real-time monitoring and management of H2S to ensure precise chemical dosage that reduces your costs and protects your personnel from exposure to HSE risks. And our SENTRYNET™ remote tank monitoring solution automates tank inventory measurements, eliminating the need to send your personnel to the field.

For your on-site treatment requirements, our smart treater truck has the ability to integrate with your systems to automate well treatments and digitize treatment validation.  And you can optimize your chemical delivery scheduling and dispatch with our real-time delivery management system, which includes a turn-by-turn navigation and tracking system to reduce trips while limiting miles on the road and CO2 emissions.

These automated solutions, coupled with advances like our mobile field data capture app, provides you greater data visibility and more effective collaboration between your field crews and the Baker Hughes technicians—all of which streamlines your field support activities and delivers more targeted treatments.


Protect your assets with fit-for-purpose treatments

To protect your downstream assets, our automated monitoring and control systems include real-time overhead analyzers, automated corrosion assessment tools, and automatic chemical injection—all of which help proactively identify and remediate overhead corrosion.

Our real-time desalting system rapidly identifies upset conditions in your desalter, long before traditional techniques—enabling rapid response and remediation without the HSE risks and inaccuracies of crude oil sampling.

You can also ensure precise control and optimal performance of your water treatment programs with the VIVID™ smart water treatment controllers. With real-time monitoring and advanced control algorithms, VIVID controllers deliver instant notifications of anomalies—letting you deploy the appropriate remediation solution exactly when and where it is needed.

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