Your most pressing and perplexing technical and business challenges can’t always be resolved with conventional thinking and standard solutions.

For more than 50 years, GaffneyCline has helped clients across the hydrocarbon value chain find the right solutions and business strategies for complex, multi-disciplinary problems. Working with GaffneyCline, you partner with an oil and gas consultancy that integrates technical, strategic, and commercial insights anywhere you need it—from the reservoir to the refinery and beyond.

Understand your subsurface.

From seismic interpretations and reservoir characterization to petrophysics and volumetric analysis, our geoscience specialists sharpen your view at the basin, play, and prospect scales.

Assess your reserves and resources.

Make informed financing, reservoir management, and field development decisions with our in-depth expertise in assessing your oil and gas reserves and resources.  

Optimize your unconventional play potential.

Use our detailed assessments to help you plan and maximize production from your shale, coal-bed methane, and other unconventional resources.

Sharpen your business strategies.

From regulatory frameworks and licensing round management to technology assessments and litigation and arbitration assistance, rely on the strategic services of our seasoned energy professionals. 

Boost your bottom line.

Leverage our extensive commercial services to evaluate your current economic performance, prepare for an initial public offering (IPO), investigate a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) opportunity, value properties, and negotiate and analyze proposals to boost profitability.

In every transaction, GaffneyCline will safeguard the secrecy of your confidential information and will never knowingly reveal or disclose such information to any person, partnership, association, or corporation.

Learn how GaffneyCline’s 50+ years of consulting experience can help you increase project value, maximize your business operations, and put you on a more secure financial footing across your asset chain.

To learn more visit www.gaffneycline.com.

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