Jewelsuite is now on Azure Marketplace.


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Jewelsuite Geomechanics
Jewelsuite on Azure

You now have unprecedented access to a powerful suite of software

We are innovating our customer engagement model, and will be offering a freemium model for users to download core JewelSuite™ Subsurface Modeling at no additional cost.

JewelSuite gives you the cloud-based applications you need to streamline your field development planning and execution with beautiful, functional software. From analyzing, visualizing, and streamlining your well planning to delivering precise and efficient execution, you and your team can work together more effectively.

JewelSuite subsurface modeling software.
Jewelsuite Subsurface modeling

Introducing a new way to engage with JewelSuite

JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling, a multi-year collaboration between Baker Hughes and Shell, reimagines field data into actionable insights and advanced 3D models. Now, you can begin by leveraging its core capabilities before engaging with us and our applications beyond that scope.

Cloud-powered oilfield optimization is here

JewelSuite in the Azure Marketplace lets you work with our tools more efficiently and strategically. Three applications are now available in the Azure Marketplace.

JewelSuite subsurface modeling software.

JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling

Get free access to core capabilities for field development planning.

Analyze subsurface well data. Visualize with agility. Execute with better margins.

  • Execute optimal well placement
  • Engage in faster, more collaborative planning
  • Reduce investment risk from the start
  • Construct the industry’s most accurate 3D models
Jewelsuite Geomechanics software

JewelSuite Geomechanics

Analyze geomechanical risk for more profitable wells.

Tap into holistic, adaptable risk assessments for every drilling phase.

  • Perform uncertainty assessments to identify highest risk
  • Drill more productive and profitable wells
  • Reliably forecast wellbore instability before, during, and after drilling
  • Access greater insight to optimize your well and reservoir performance
JewelSuite reservoir stimulation software.

JewelSuite Reservoir Stimulation

Optimize your hydraulic fracturing designs for your next stimulation campaign.

Create accurate designs with real-time insights and recommendations.

  • Determine optimal frac designs
  • Quantify probability of success
  • Turn certainty into actionable insights
  • Best-in-class 3D visualizations


Jewelsuite in the cloud

How cloud-based tools enhance your productivity and field execution

As we move toward a more agile and collaborative future, we’re changing field development. Here’s how JewelSuite in the cloud accelerates your planning, productivity, and execution:

Enhance your technology with sophisticated applications
  • Tap into a well-rounded suite of field development applications built on one platform
  • Achieve better results with a powerful algorithm and beautiful visualizations
Collaborate across digital boundaries
  • Integrate our applications with your other field development products
  • Work seamlessly in our ecosystem with lossless drag-and-drop features
Increase your technology investment with speed
  • Get started immediately with the core of JewelSuite Subsurface Modeling - for free
  • Optimize your productivity with fast deployment, workflow, and execution
Unlock your oilfields’ fullest potential
  • Execute in the fields more seamlessly and quickly with higher profit margins
  • Pay based on how much you use our applications

Photo of an offshore oil rig.
Let’s work well together

Together, we grow and evolve.

As partners, we’ll continuously develop and use innovative new products that bring about a brighter, more productive future for our companies, industry, and the world.

No matter where you focus your energy, JewelSuite on Azure makes your field activity more efficient, productive, and profitable. Ask us how.


Digital image of subsurface modeling.
Press release

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