Extend Machine Runtime & Eliminate Reactive Firefighting with Prescriptive Diagnostics that Scale

Are you struggling with unnecessary downtime that is cutting into your machine runtime? Is your reliability team being overwhelmed with threshold-based alarm floods? Facing higher than usual spare part inventory costs because you can’t plan your maintenance weeks in advance?

Machine Health, Bently Nevada’s latest enhancement to System 1, now unlocks AI-powered predictive, prescriptive diagnostics on your balance-of-plant sensor investments.

Machine Health analyzes millions of condition monitoring sensor outputs 24/7—alerting your team well in advance of failure, diagnosing root causes, and prescribing fixes, so your team does not have to worry about emergency downtime on a weekend, overnighting spare parts, or being constantly overwhelmed with alarm fatigue.

Machine Health Overview 


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Bently Nevada + Augury: First look

Machine Health Powered by Augury is a complete, end-to-end industrial machine solution which includes IoT hardware, software, advanced diagnostics, and services to deliver benefits from the plant floor to the executive office. Scalable industrial monitoring, anomaly detection, and prescriptive action help operators understand which machines are at risk and when to take action.

Time-to-value in weeks, not years
Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

When industrial machines fail or underperform, production lines break and supply chains suffer. Proactive machine health monitoring can help mitigate risks and keep your machines up and running.

Increase Revenue by Maximizing Capacity & Productivity

Availability of products is more important today than ever. Maximizing machine productivity allows you to meet rising customer demands and increase your revenue.

Stay Competitive Through Digital Transformation

Digital transformation provides a valuable opportunity for core manufacturing functions to move away from manual processes and automate key areas like Machine Health, enabling companies to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Optimize Asset Care

It’s time to move beyond cost-cutting strategies. AI-driven Machine Health Monitoring allows you to implement an industrial asset management optimization methodology and create real long-term value.

Machine Health Powered by Augury and Integrated APM

Machine Health is your digital transformation vehicle

Machine Health is your first step to deploying a high ROI, short time-to-value AI solution as part of your digital transformation efforts. While most digital transformation investments tend to take years to exit the pilot phase, Machine Health is designed to scale rapidly and help your organization out of pilot purgatory faster.

Here's why:


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