X-ray System Upgrades
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New features on your 2D or CT System to expand its capabilities

As with any piece of technology the latest development of features ensures the ideal performance with best reliability. The same is true for your X-ray system. Waygate Technologies has created a seamless process for developing new hardware and software features to be implemented into your existing CT system. Upgrades might be a necessity at a certain time, but by futureproofing your system you benefit from increased capability and productivity to make your asset even more profitable.

We have available a wide range of hardware CT scan upgrades for faster, more reliable, and increased image quality. Upgrades to our hardware will extend your inspection capabilities through installing new components on your machine from the latest detector and generators technologies to state-of-the-art metrology solutions.

  • CT Option: Get CT functionality on your 2D System
  • Detector DXR: Increased image quality, larger inspection area
  • Detector Dynamic 41: For faster Inspections, increased image quality
  • Titan|neo HP Generators: Latest technology, friendly maintenance
  • Metrology 2.0: Access state of the art metrology solutions
  • Acquisition PC: Get updated computer with latest OS
  • Reconstruction PC: Increase your computing power with latest OS
  • Filter|changer: Increased inspections possibilities
  • Sample|changer: Faster inspections and productivity
  • Second X-ray Tube: Increase your application range to the next level


Software Upgrades

Because we strive for continuous improvement, we are constantly generating new software modules and versions of our core software that enhance the capabilities and productivity of your system, offering you the best industrial CT scanner upgrade. Below you can find some of the available software upgrades for your X-ray system.

  • Scatter|correct: Unique automatic correction tool for high quality scatter
  • Datos|x: CT scanning software for fully automated data acquisition and volume processing
  • X|act: 2D X-ray Inspection Software, also available on our CT Systems
  • Multi|BHC: Reduction of beam hardening artefacts especially with multi-materials
  • Offset|CT: Enhancement of scanning diameter
  • ASC|filter: Special filter for strong absorbing material; very good in combination with Scatter|correct
  • Flash!Filters: Automatic image enhancement

When it's time for an X-ray system upgrade, what we offer you is:

1. New features to your existing machines

2. Faster inspections

3. Improved image quality

4. Increased reliability

5. Access to the latest X-ray technology 

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