Why Choose the RSDetection Radiation Monitor?

Why Choose the RSDetection Radiation Monitor?

Why Choose the RSDetection Radiation Monitor?


  • Enhanced sensitivity and performance – 10” diameter HPIC gamma detector with excellent temperature stability
  • High accuracy (Zero stability: ± 0.5μR/hr; Gain stability: ±0.5% > 35μR/hr , ±3% < 35μR/hr)
  • Improved reliability and stability – Upgraded processing electronics design
  • Extended battery life – up to 48 hours (nominal under normal unit operation) run time. Equipped with built-in battery charger
  • Upgraded communications – Ethernet and 3 USB ports along with an RS-232 serial port for backward compatibility
  • Increased data capacity – 1 GB storage. Adjustable recording intervals, greater than 10M data points of storage
  • Omni-directional – Spherical HPIC is not subject to inherent Geiger-Mueller tube limitations. Provides more uniform directionality and has higher sensitivity at lower dose rates
  • Fast response time – less than 10 seconds
  • Extended range: 0-100R/hr (0-1Sv/hr). 
  • Adjustable data smoothing filter. 
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Time-stamped data and configurable recording intervals. 
  • Configurable options for a variety of Environmental and Homeland Security applications.
  •  Windows-based configuration utility allows users to connect to a single RSDetection™ unit for configuration, data display, and diagnostics. 
  • Backwards compatible with RSS-131 (ER) – same mounting scheme and core protocol (adapter cable required).
  • With a rich history dating back over 50 years, Reuter-Stokes has been an industry leader in the research, design, and manufacturing of quality detectors for a variety of radiation monitoring applications.
  • With over 100,000 detectors in service around the world supporting instrumentation ranging from reactor monitoring and security applications to neutron research and oil exploration, no company understands your radiation measurement requirements better than we do.

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