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Nuclear Instrumentation

We are a leader in neutron flux and gamma flux detectors with proven reliability in the harshest environments.


Partner with an Experienced Leader in Mission-Critical Nuclear Measurement Solutions

Boiling Water Reactor (BWR), Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR), and advanced Small Modular Reactor (SMR) projects require experienced partners with the expertise, proven product reliability, and design/manufacturing experience to run their reactors as safely and efficiently as possible. Reuter-Stokes is a leader in the field with 60+ years of experience in the nuclear instrumentation business and thousands of sensors installed in the field.

Our nuclear monitoring solutions are:

  • Proven to perform: We develop sensors based on our decades of experience with ex-core and in-core neutron monitoring detectors and our expertise in neutron detection instrumentation. We also offer industry-leading Boron-10 coating performance.
  • Compatible and customizable: Our sensors meet Nuclear OEM specifications, and we specialize in customizing products for specific customer needs and applications.
  • Robust resources: As part of Baker Hughes, Reuter-Stokes benefits from cross-business collaboration, decades of experience , and integrated functions — all under one roof.
  • Comprehensive: Our engineers, physicists, chemists, and materials scientists partner with leading organizations to deliver complete detection and electronics solutions.

From instrumentation products to solution design and engineer training, Reuter-Stokes has the resources and knowledge to help you efficiently and safely run your nuclear plant.

Find Innovative, Customizable Solutions for Your Nuclear Measurement Needs


In-core and ex-core neutron flux, gamma flux, and environmental radiation for BWR, PWR, and SMR applications:

  • Area radiation monitoring
  • ASME code / pressure boundary applications
  • Ex-core flux monitoring
  • Gamma or neutron detectors
  • In-core flux monitoring
  • Safety-Related / IEEE qualified applications
  • Small current (to preamp) measurement applications

Multi-day events for nuclear technicians and engineers at our leading-edge facility cover neutron detection theory, sensor construction, normal operation, data collection, diagnostics and testing, maintenance, and more.

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