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  • Removes fluids: Increases gas production, Increases oil production
  • Extends ESP run life
  • Lowers bottomhole pressure

  • Unconventional horizontal wells



As reservoir pressure depletes during production, natural gas released from the reservoir accumulates in the undulations along a horizontal lateral. When these gas slugs break free, they create low-flow / no-flow conditions in your electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system. These conditions can:

  • Interrupt production
  • Limit reserve recovery
  • Impact system reliability
Eliminate production interruptions

The CENesis™ PHASE multiphase encapsulated production solution encases your entire ESP system in a shroud to naturally separate gas slugs from the production stream before they can enter your pumping system. The design:

  • Stabilizes production
  • Improves pumping system efficiency
  • Eliminates nonproductive time (NPT) caused by system cycling and gas locking

This continuous production profile also more effectively draws down reservoir pressure to release additional hydrocarbons from the reservoir, improving reserve recovery and return on investment.

Reduce operating expenses

Keeping gas slugs out of your ESP eliminates wear and tear on the system due to cycling, gas locking, or pump overheating. The encapsulated system design also protects the motor lead extension during installation in deviated or horizontal wellbores. An integrated recirculation system further enhances reliability by continuously diverting fluid past the ESP motor to prevent motor overheating.

Contact your Baker Hughes representative for more information on how the CENesis PHASE solution can help you improve production and eliminate NPT.

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