Speed scan CT64

Phoenix Speed|scan CT64

Fully Automated high-speed CT for production process control and optimization

Automotive manufacturers must consistently produce high-quality parts and products while operating at maximum productivity. High resolution, high speed, full 3D inspection for castings and batteries via in-line automation is required to ensure both safety and profitability. This goal is now attainable thanks to the Phoenix Speed|scan CT64, a gantry-based, inline industrial Computed Tomography (CT) scanner.

Safe and profitable CT scanning starts here

Built on innovative Waygate Technologies, formerly GE Inspection Technologies, gantry-based CT technology proven for over four decades, our Speed|scan CT64 provides revolutionary high-speed industrial process and production control. Combining unprecedented speed with high-quality inspection, Speed|scan CT64 is 4x faster than initial generations and several hundred times faster than conventional industrial fan-beam CT systems.

  • Unique possibilities for optimizing processes and quality assurance
    • 100% dimension and error checking
    • Early detection of process and tool issues
    • Easy handling
    • Easy part positioning
    • Less human errors
    • Process optimization
    • Reduce scrap and recalls

With the Speed|scan CT64, we exclusively offer a medical CT gantry for industrial NDT applications for parts with a max. scan diameter of up to 500 mm and a length of up to 900 mm and up to 50 kg (however, parts with a diameter of up to 600 mm can also be fed in) with detail detectability down to 300 µm.



  • Highest throughput with 100% dimension and error checking for several hundred thousand parts per year (200-1000x compared to conventional CT)
  • Incredible image quality (SNR) and resolution that cannot be surpassed by conventional industrial CT concepts
  • Parallel processing of workflows for data acquisition, reconstruction and evaluation enables the shortest cycle times
  • CT scan times of just a few seconds and typical scan powers of 10 - 20 kW (~10x higher than conventional X-ray tubes)
  • Proprietary automatic defect detection integrated in VGSTUDIO offers maximum flexibility and efficient parameterization
  • Early detection of process and tool problems
  • Easy handling reducing training efforts and human errors that can lead to large-scale product recalls or lost production
  • Easy part positioning, reducing operational efforts and provide flexibility to inspect a wide variety of parts one after the other
  • Process optimization at the highest speed by monitoring spontaneous as well as gradual quality changes to significantly reduce scrap and recalls
  • Flexible business models to manage also commercial efficiency
  • Due to its compact design, the system requires as little space as possible and thus fits into any production

  • Max. scan dimensions D500 mm x L900 mm and up to 50 kg (however, parts with a diameter of up to 600 mm can also be fed in)
  • Detail detectability ≥ 300 µm
  • Compact design fits into any production
  • Automated high-speed evaluation of the part data incl. good/bad decision

  • 24/7 automotive inspection
  • Aviation parts
  • Special applications such as the CT scan of core drillings

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CASE STUDY: Gantry-based helical CT scanning for foundries

See how our Phoenix Speed|scan CT64 improves defect detection while improving production throughput

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Ease of use
  • The highlight of the matter is the simple operation in terms of positioning the parts and the user interface optimized for users without a technical background. This significantly reduces the training effort and errors caused by users.
  • In addition, parts do not have to be stored very precisely and held and rotated during the scan.
  • As a result, no part-specific parts holders are necessary, and you can flexibly inspect a wide variety of parts one after the other.
  • This ease of use and streamlined handling are critical in production, where human error can lead to large-scale product recalls or lost production.
Unmatched performance
  • In addition, this concept offers the highest throughput with an incredible image quality (SNR) and resolution that cannot be surpassed by conventional industrial CT concepts.
  • CT scan times of just a few seconds (e. g. 15 s for a part 400 - 600 mm long) and typical scan powers of 10 - 20 kW (~10x higher than conventional X-ray tubes) are absolutely unmatched with conventional concepts.
  • The Speed|scan CT64 thus enables a new dimension of CT inspection in the production environment up to 100% production inspection with several hundred thousand parts per year (200-1000x compared to conventional CT), depending on the application.
Discover new process potential
  • Likewise, due to the 100% monitoring, spontaneous as well as gradual quality changes (e. g. due to tool wear, etc.) can be recognized and corrected at an early stage and, if necessary, with foresight. This can significantly reduce the production of rejects.
  • After a part has been scanned, the next inspection can begin. At the same time, the system automatically reconstructs the data recorded from the first inspection and Speed|ADR independently checks whether the inspected part is OK or not.
  • This working principle offers highest throughput in the industry.
  • Speed|ADR provides a 3D defect recognition and classification library developed by Waygate Technologies. Methods are reference-free and do not require any training data. This offers maximum flexibility and efficient parameterization.
  • Speed|ADR is fully integrated in VGSTUDIO/VGinLINE, so just one parameterization for Waygate Technologies defect recognition and VG measurement (movement of cores, wall thicknesses, actual/nominal comparison) is necessary.
  • To further increase reconstruction speed, additional Inline Worker PCs can be used to support smallest cycle times.
  • Based on the high throughput, other business models are also possible, such as leasing or pay per scan, etc.
  • With the system, you can achieve full transparency and 100% quality control at the highest speed, which is not possible with 2D systems and conventional CT systems.
What software is available for the Speed|scan CT64?

Designer for creating and modifying 3D inspection programs on- or offline - Inspector for semi- or fully automated CT data analysis based on inspection programs - VG Approver for visualization and review of automated inspection results

Automated DICOM image transfer to analysis station. CT visualization and evaluation: - 3D detection and classification of pores and inclusions (Speed|ADR) combined with Volume Graphics InLine CT software is exclusively available for VG customers using Waygate Technologies CT systems - Dimensional control tasks like wall thickness determination and - Actual/nominal CAD comparison (VG StudioMAX)

What type of radiation safety does the Speed|scan CT64 have?

The Speed|scan CT64 employs a radiation safety cabinet for full protective installation without type approval according to German StrSchV/StrSchG and in compliance with French NFC 74 100 and US Performance Standard 21 CFR Subchapter J. For operation, other official licenses may be necessary.

What type of detector does the Speed|scan CT64 use?

The Speed|scan CT64 from Waygate technologies uses a high dynamic multi-line detector (64-layer parallel acquisition). The detector embodies the patented HiLightTM material, a ceramic scintillator specially developed for CT applications providing detail detectability of ≥ 300 µm.

What is the maximum part dimension and weight I can inspect?

Scans are possible up to a sample dimension of Ø 600 mm x 900 mm (max. scan diameter ~500 mm) and up to 50 kilograms, depending on the application.

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