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Neutron Detectors for MWD/LWD and Wireline Applications

Choose the industry standard for directional drilling and wireline applications.


3He Filled Neutron Detectors Designed for High Efficiency and Sensitivity

Reuter-Stokes brings more than half a century of design and manufacturing expertise to its neutron detectors for gross counting neutron and neutron porosity detection in LWD and wireline applications. We offer proven performance in terms of:

  • Reliability: More than 67,000 3He filled neutron detectors deployed over the past 50 years.
  • Precision: Proprietary 3He purification techniques, gas
  • Customizability: Our team designs detectors in a range of sizes, gas mixtures, electrical terminations, and mechanical interfaces to suit a variety of downhole needs.

Neutron Detectors for MWD/LWD and Wireline Application Products

Customized 3He neutron detectors

  • Available in a range of sizes, fill pressures, gas mixtures, electrical terminations and mechanical interfaces
  • Built in-house at our Twinsburg, Ohio manufacturing facility

3He consulting and storage

  • Guidance on sourcing and shipping
  • Safe storage with Reuter-Stokes

Catalog configurations

  • Drilling application sensors from 0.75 in. to 1.00 in. diameter
  • Wireline application sensors from 1.00 in. to 2.50 in. diameter

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