Corrosion mitigation is crucial to optimizing the performance of your production systems and keeping your workers safe. Corrosion management services from Baker Hughes provide proven mitigation solutions that ensure the long-term productivity of your assets, safely and effectively.


Targeted corrosion control for any challenge

Working with us, you get access to comprehensive corrosion mitigation solutions. Our proven CRONOX™ corrosion control solutions comprise innovative chemistries, corrosion expertise, and continuous monitoring services. Together, these services ensure that you get the optimal chemical treatment program to solve any corrosion challenge in your production, storage, transport, or processing equipment.

Get a tailored treatment designed by our corrosion experts, who understand how field conditions, application types, and chemistries affect treatment results. Each corrosion inhibitor undergoes extensive laboratory testing to ensure that the optimal treatment design is found for your asset integrity needs.

Whether you require batch corrosion inhibitor treatment or continuous injection, our inhibitors are proven to effectively mitigate corrosion in any production scenario, including:

  • Sour or high-CO2 environments
  • Systems with oxygen ingress
  • High-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) and high-velocity environments

Your customized corrosion control solution will deliver several long-term benefits to your production system.

  • Protect the lifetime and productivity of your assets by reducing equipment failure and maximizing production time
  • Ensure the safety of your personnel and equipment by minimizing the threat of leaks and spills
  • Optimize the performance of your mitigation program by continually monitoring and fine-tuning your treatment to ensure consistent, cost-effective performance

Contact us to find a customized corrosion management strategy for your producing assets.

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Corrosion management