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FAQ | Pressure Indicators
What is the frequency response of DPI104 Digital Pressure Gauge?

The display update rate is 2 Hz.
However if you use the Maximum/Minimum Monitor to detect the Maximum pressure then the Scan Rate can be increased to give 10Hz.

The Scan Rate is described on page 15 of the user manual K0394 Rev A.

Is the rear casing for the DPI104IS available as a spare part?

The rear case of the DPI 104IS is not available as a spare part.
Special tooling is required to fit the pressure sensor into the case, we do not offer a repair service on the DPI 104IS.

Is there documentation on the DPI104 RS232 communication commands / protocol?

The attached document contains the RS232 commands.

File here

What is the voltage range and accuracy of the Analogue Output on DPI104?

With the scaling factor set to 1, the Voltage Output will be 0V to 5V corresponding to 0 to Fullscale Pressure.
The accuracy of Voltage Output is 0.1% FS above 50mV, below 50mV no accuracy is specified.

Is the DPI104 sensor to PCB cable available as a spare part?

The sensor to PCB cable is available as a spare part, the part number is IS104-2.

What does the error "E0004" on DPI104 at start up mean?

The instrument has detected an error at start up. First try resetting (restoring) the instrument by holding down all four buttons until the instrument goes off, the instrument will then restart.
If this does not cure the problem then check the transducer lead for bad connections or replace the lead if a spare one is available. If the transducer lead is OK then disconnect the battery for a few seconds and then re-connect it.
If the error is still present then the instrument will need to be returned/replaced.

Can I swap main boards between one DPI104 to another?

You cannot switch over the mainboards as the mainboard contains all the calibration and temperature compensation data for the sensor, effectively the PCB and sensor are matched.

How to zero the pressure reading on DPI104?

From the menu select the Tare function. Change the Tare function from "t off" to "t on" (leave the tA value set to zero), exit from the menu. With the instrument displaying the pressure reading hold down the Enter key until "done" is displayed. The pressure reading should now read zero.

Is there information on the DPI705E Quick Fit Adaptor?

The Quick Fit Adaptor is the same as the swivel connection on the PV62XG pressure bases, DPI 611 and DPI 612. This allows the use of the IO620-HOSE's and the IO620-BSP/NPT adaptors.
See the attached document for an image of the Quick Fit Adaptor.

Is the DPI705 with remote gauge pressure sensor capable of measuring negative gauge pressure?

The remote gauge sensor is capable of measuring negative pressure but it is usually only calibrated in the Positive direction.
Negative Calibration is something we offer as an option on the DPI 705.
Below is what we state on the datasheet for Negative Calibration.

Please note there is no adjustment for the Negative direction, so accuracy is quoted as a percentage of the compound range. For a ±350 mbar sensor this would be a range of 700mbar.

Unless Negative Calibration is ordered at the time of manufacture there is no guarantee that the instrument will meet this specification as sometimes we need to select the sensor in order to meet the Negative specification.

Is it possible to perform a 3-point calibration instead of a 2-point calibration on DPI705?

There is a later version of DPI 705 user manual with the three point calibration procedure.
DPI 705 user manual K0214 Rev A is attached.

On power up, the DPI705 is beeping and the pressure reading is flashing

Check the Alarm setting, if it's been set to a negative value below -0.5 kPa then the Alarm will activate. To check the Alarm Value press the TARE and UNITS keys at the same time.
The FILTER key is used to increase the Alarm value and the UNITS key decreases the value.
Normally the Alarm value is set above the instrument full-scale so it does not activate.

What is the part number for the DPI 705 battery terminal clips?

Please see the attached document for the battery clip positions.

For the Positive Clip use the assembly part number IA2505-1-V0.
For the Negative Clip use the assembly part number IA2505-2-V0.

Documentation here

The DPI705 display flashes without any pressure being applied

The fault may be caused by bad/corrupt calibration data, faulty mainboard, faulty sensor or faulty sensor lead. Visually inspect the sensor, if there is no evidence of damage then perform a 2 or 3 point calibration. If the fault is still present then in order to locate the fault replace in turn the sensor lead, sensor and then mainboard, performing a 2 or 3 point calbration after replacing each item.

Is there information on the accuracy of the DPI705 especially error from repeatability?

The engineering team have advised that we don’t tend to measure this separately, effectively hysteresis is part of the repeatability. Therefore we cannot provide a specific figure for the repeatability.

Is there a European alternative for 9/16 x 18 UNF male connection on DPI705E for pressure above 350 bar?

For the DPI 705E it was recommended by our chief engineer to use the Autoclave 9/16 x 18 UNF connection on high pressure ranges (≥350 bar) due to the stress on the connection and to comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).
We do not supply adaptors for this connection as accessories with the DPI 705E, but we do supply an adaptor for the DPI 104 and PACE 1000 that have the same connection.
The adaptor used on the DPI 104 is a 9/16 x 18 UNF female to 3/8 BSP male, part number 182-190.
The adaptor used on the PACE 1000 is a 9/16 x 18 UNF female to 1/8 NPT female, part number IO-ADAPT-9/16AC.
If these are not suitable then alternatives are available from pressure fittings companies such as Swagelok, Parker, Staffordshire Hydraulics etc.

The PACE 1000 adapter IO-ADAPT-9/16AC has a pressure rating of 15000 psi / 1000 bar. Therefore the adapter is suitable for the DPI 705E internal ranges 350 bar/700 bar and external ranges 350 bar/700 bar/1000 bar but would it not be suitable for the external 1400 bar range.

What is the part number for the DPI705 battery terminal with the gold pin pre-fitted?

The part numbers for the battery terminals with the pin pre-fitted are:-
Positive Terminal IA2505-1-V0
Negative Terminal IA2505-2-V0

Cannot gain access to the calibration menu on DPI705 using the calibration PIN 4321

First check the calibration enable link is fitted in the ticked position. The link is located on the display side of the PCB.
If the link is fitted in the ticked position and the pin number 4321 still does not gain access to the calibration menu then enter the number 7050 followed by pressing the UNITS key.

DPI705 displays incorrect number of decimal places and full-scale calibration point is incorrect

The instrument range may have reverted back to its default value or has been set incorrectly. The range can be reset within the configuration menu as follows:-
First ensure the calibration enable link is in the ticked position. The calibration link is located on the display side of the PCB.
Press the FILTER, TARE and UNITS keys at the same time, "CAL" will be displayed, press the TARE key, using the FILTER and LEAK keys enter the pin 6971followed by pressing the UNITS key, "PDCR" will be displayed, press the TARE key, "RANGE" will be displayed, press the TARE key then use the FILTER key to change the range, when the correct range is displayed press the TARE key, press the UNITS key to exit to the pressure display.

The date on the factory Calibration Certificate is before Date of Manufacture (DOM) of DPI705

The date stated on the calibration certificate is correct.
During manufacture the internal sensor of the DPI 705E is calibrated on a production calibration rig.
The sensors have an inhouse calibration period of 15 months and if unused will be recalibrated every 3 months.
This ensures that once fitted into a DPI 705E the calibration period will be at least 12 months when the instrument is shipped.
This is mentioned in section 3.1.4 of the user manual (see image below)

Note:- The number of Cal Due Days is displayed on the DPI 705E at power up.

Retrieving data. Wait a few seconds and try to cut or copy again.

There shouldn't be anything magnetically sensitive in the DPI705 or DPI705E to be used in this area. 
When we do EMC testing we declare this so that we do not have to conduct the magnetic tests. 

What is the burst pressure figure for 25 mbar g/d DPI705E range?

The burst pressure figure for 25 mbar g/d range is 2 bar.

What is the display update rate of the DPI705E?

The display update rate is 2 Hz.

What is the maximum line pressure for ADROIT6200 sensor?

For internal differential sensors (in DPI705E) the max line pressure is 2bara (due to plastic tubing used inside the product to connect the reference port – this is the same as DPI8xx).

For remote differential sensors PM700E the max line pressure is 10bara as they use a welded reference port connection. The pressure limit is imposed by the Legris 4mm tubing adaptor fitted.

This does limit use with high-line DP systems, but pressure sensors for that application tend to be very specialist and no single-sensor test instrument can do this that we know of.
For very high line applications use a DPI620Genii with twin high pressure sensors (using MC620) and make it calculate the difference.

Is the DPI 705E Carry Case the same size as the old DPI 705 case?

The carry case for the DPI 705E-IS is different to the carry case for the DPI 705-IS.

However for the non IS version the same carry case is used for both instruments. 
IO705B, carry case for the standard DPI 705 and IO705E-CASE, carry case for the standard DPI 705E both have the same internal part number.

Can the DPI705E measure differential pressure with water applied to both positive and negative ports?

Due to the construction of the differential sensors it is not possible to use water on the negative port. 

DPI740 Calibration Adjustment with overpressure indication

If you cannot set the applied pressure value using the F1 and F2 keys then you can try to calibrate the instrument via the RS232 by following the attached procedure.

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