As your drilling environments become deeper, harsher, and more complex, reliable measurement-while-drilling (MWD) data are crucial for precise wellbore placement. The NaviTrak™ MWD service from Baker Hughes provides an efficient and reliable solution to accurately drill your wells to target while minimizing non-productive time (NPT) and drilling costs.


Detailed measurements for multiple applications

The NaviTrak MWD service is a probe-based technology that provides both directional and drilling dynamics measurements in applications ranging from conventional directional drilling and horizontal drilling to short-radius, slimhole re-entry and underbalanced drilling.

Accurately track your wellbore position with the directional measurements via wellbore surveys, continuous toolface orientation, and continuous inclination and azimuth measurements. Drilling dynamics measurements give you an understanding of the magnitude and type of vibrations encountered by the probe during drilling.

You can also acquire real-time and memory gamma-ray measurements with the NaviTrak MWD service’s optional gamma module. These measurements give you valuable insight into the location of formation tops, lithology, log correlation from offset wells, and casing/coring points.

The service includes three options for telemetry (mud-pulse (MP), electromagnetic (EM), and unified MP and EM) and different pressure services (no pressure, annular pressure, and borehole pressure) to meet any application need. With any option, the telemetry is optimized to minimize survey time, ensuring that you spend more time drilling. These proven solutions can be supported at the wellsite or run remotely to maximize efficiency.

For your simple, low-risk directional or horizontal applications, the NaviTrak MWD service provides a pathway to drill your wells faster and precisely to target. Additional advantages include:

  • Reliable wellbore measurements, no matter the condition
  • Reduced NPT and total cost of operations (TCO)
  • Customized solutions
  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Higher utilization rates

Contact us to learn more about how the NaviTrak MWD service can deliver reliable, cost-effective downhole data for your drilling program.

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NaviTrak directional and gamma ray