Optimize your intelligent completions with the reliable zonal isolation and assured downhole communication provided by feedthrough packer systems from Baker Hughes. Our cased-hole, retrievable feedthrough packers give you the flexibility to deploy electrical submersible pumps (ESPs), intelligent well monitoring systems, and other equipment below the packer—with no loss of seal integrity.

Maintain well control with V0-rated packers that help anchor the production tubing in the well and prevent gas migration up the annulus. Our packers can be configured for any completion design—from liner-top isolation and monobore completions to interventionless deepwater and extended-reach completions. And, our multiple retrieval options—including mechanical cutting, shift-to-release, and shear release—offer cost-effective alternatives to high-intervention-cost applications.

Feedthrough packers are available in multiple-port configurations, depending on your well control needs. Designs include feedthrough ports for integral electric cable or drop-in penetrator systems, annular pressure venting, fluid injection, ESP control, downhole monitoring, and instrument wire access.

With our feedthrough packers in your wells, you’ll capture the full value of your intelligent completion systems with the peace of mind that comes from robust, reliable well control.

Contact us today to learn how feedthrough packers from Baker Hughes can improve the safety and performance of your wells.

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