Our CENtrilift™ ESP induction motors lead the industry in reliability and run time to minimize lifting costs—even in the harshest conditions—helping you keep money in your pocket by reducing overall lifting costs.


Extend run life and improve efficiency

Our three series of induction motors—SP, XP, and Vanguard Construction (VC)—began with our industry-proven electrical submersible pumping (ESP) motor technology and evolved through 60 years of design enhancements to provide improved efficiency under a broad range of downhole conditions and extended run life in harsh downhole conditions. Our Artificial Lift Research and Technology Center provides an in-house platform for continuous extensive testing and advancement of our motor technology. 

The enhanced stator and rotor design, along with a proven bearing system, improve the electrical and mechanical performance of the CENtrilift SP 450 and 562 series motors to provide more efficient and reliable operations in varying operating environments.

CENtrilift XP 450, 562, and 725 series ESP motors are the industry’s only induction motors with epoxy-encapsulated windings and end turns, which improves motor thermal properties and electrical integrity. In harsh downhole conditions, the epoxy encapsulation dramatically improves motor reliability compared to industry-standard varnish coated windings.

Our XP series motors with VC technology are available in 562, 725, and 880 series and provide the highest level of ESP system reliability and longest run life in the industry today. Highly engineered for high horsepower (up to 2,800 hp) and technically challenging applications where downhole conditions and/or high intervention costs, these motors increase the operating envelope for ESP systems.

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