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Hitoshi Okawa

EVP and President Director, INPEX Australia

Hitoshi joined INPEX CORPORATION (formerly known as Indonesia Petroleum, Ltd) in 1994 following ten years with Japan China Oil Development Company in various domestic and international assignments.

In 1998, following four years in the Accounting & Finance Division at INPEX Tokyo head office, Hitoshi transferred to INPEX Browse Ltd, joining the inaugural Perth office team.

Hitoshi returned to Tokyo office in 2002, taking on managerial roles in the Planning & New Ventures Department and Corporate Strategy & Administration Division over three years.

In 2005, Hitoshi returned once again to Perth to oversee Commercial & Corporate Coordination. He assumed his role as Director, Corporate Coordination in 2009.

Hitoshi has been promoted to President Director, Australia in February 2019, and in addition, Hitoshi has also been promoted to Managing Executive Officer, Vice President Oceania Project for INPEX CORPORATION.