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Emad Mahmoud Sultan


Emad Mahmoud Sultan is the Chief Executive Officer of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), since February 2019. With over 11000 employees, KOC is one of the top ten producers of oil in the world, and the main revenue generator for the State of Kuwait.

From a modest beginning in the late eighties as Assistant Engineer at KOC, Mr. Sultan rose to the level of its CEO in three decades. During this journey, he has occupied several key positions in KOC and his contributions span over several areas including Production Operations, Planning and Commercial.

Mr. Sultan, who joined KOC in 1989, was promoted to key leadership role in 1997. He had served the offices of Production Operations of all the key Assets of KOC thus becoming well versed with the operational challenges of all its Assets before being promoted as Manager of Operations in 2007. In a span of six years, he was promoted as Dy. CEO of North Kuwait Directorate in June 2013. In March 2016, he became Dy. CEO of Planning & Commerciai Directorate responsible for KOC's Operational Planning, Strategie Planning & Performance Management, Budge Control, preparation and control of all major contracts, Purchasing Strategy and Supplier Relationships. He had played a pivotal role in the implementation of KOC's 2030 Strategy and is now leading the 2040 strategy implementation at KOC.

Mr. Sultan has contributed significantly to KOC by bringing in improvements and improvisations in the field of production operations and HSE during his long stint at KOC. He spearheaded severaI facilities modernization projects and was instrumental in adopting severaI state of the art technologies aiding production and maintenance. He was a key member of the team that put out fires in the Burgan wells post liberation. Mr. Sultan has won severaI awards and recognitions for his exemplar work at KOC.

He earned his BS in Petroleum Engineering from Tulsa University, USA. He has been an excellent ambassador of the company having led severaI officiaI delegations internationally at various forums. He is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Kuwait Chapter.