LWD imaging services from Baker Hughes capture images of your borehole from different tools at different resolutions delivering critical information on the condition of your wellbore and the geology of the surrounding formation. Armed with this information, you can avoid a range of costly borehole issues—from stuck pipe to lost circulation to poor well performance—and develop an optimized completion strategy.

Our technologies capture images from different azimuthal tools such as StarTrak™ High-resolution electrical imaging service, ImageTrak™ Ultrasonic imaging service, LithoTrak™ Advanced LWD porosity and density  service, OnTrak™ Integrated measure while drilling and logging while drilling service, AziTrak™ Deep azimuthal resistivity measurement service, and ZoneTrak™ G Near-bit gamma ray service.  The images allow for detailed studies of your formation’s fracture network, wellbore stability, and rock geomechanics.

Our services provide a number of additional valuable benefits for subsequent well completion activities and your long-term production.

  • Capture images in all drilling conditions.  Acquire high-resolution images in water- and oil-based mud systems, all while drilling.
  • Get full wellbore coverage without compromising speed.  Capture high-quality images and ensure 360-degree coverage of the wellbore at high penetration rate.
  • Optimize your completion design.  Improve your completion designs and perforation strategies with borehole high resolution imaging services such as StarTrak and ImageTrak services. Use our acoustic imaging services to clearly identify variations in lithology, bedding, and lamination as well as natural and induced fractures, all of which inform hydraulic fracturing plans to maximize production.

Together, let’s discover how our high-resolution imaging services can help you sharpen your view of the subsurface in any drilling application.

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