Maximizing the profitability of your finished fuels while meeting stringent regulations is an ongoing challenge. Fuel management programs from Baker Hughes help you overcome quality problems that threaten to lower the value and marketability of your fuels.


Additives for every need

Rely on our application experience and dynamic suite of fuel additive technologies to combat any fuel problem you face.

  • SULFIX™ hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and mercaptan scavengers safely and efficiently address any health, safety, and environment (HSE) concerns and government regulations in your finished fuels

  • The suite of TOLAD™ fuel additives help meet corrosion specifications, improve low-temperature operability, eliminate water haze from fuels, and restore lubricating properties of hydrotreated diesel fuels

  • The PREPARED TO RESPOND™ (P2R™) services help maximize your profits by bringing your fuel and crude oils into specification for increased value

  • Baker Hughes technology experts bring extensive knowledge and field training to accurately diagnose your hydrocarbon product’s needs and apply the appropriate program, safely and economically

Whether you’re importing or exporting, Baker Hughes fuel additives deliver significant benefits for the performance and profitability of your fuels.

  • Reduce product rejections and expensive shipping delays

  • Mitigate corrosion in storage and distribution systems

  • Lower the risk of failure of fuel pumps and injectors

  • Increase the profitability of cargos with high pour points or high H2S levels

  • Help maintain refinery throughput during a shutdown

Contact us to find the fuel additives you need to increase the market value and profitability of your fuels.

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Management programs